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The production of Lulu Toy Car  involves several stages which include medical device design and prototyping, biomaterials and processing, machining, casting, and forming.


10pcs, can mixed different animal.
2.which kind of ground animal rides can working?
It can work on any flat and smooth floor.
3.What's your Advantage?
We are direct factory, accept OEM,ODM, offer free spare parts and long time warranty.


1.Free spare parts
2.Best material, Best Motor and Battery, Best Service
3.Reasonable price
4.Fast delivery

About Lulu Toy Car

LULU animal rides is the first factory to produce animal rides in china market. The loved and cute designs and interesting car brings joy and happiness to both kids and parents. It can be put in malls, plazas, game centers, parties, kid's playgrounds, events, schools, and so on. Lots of our customers get benefits from fast and durable profits and expand the business quickly. We have electric animal rides and Mechanical animal rides two model. each model have different size can choose. big size can running in shopping mall for rent business, mini size can selling to home. Electric animal rides can produce coin operated and Non-coin operated, they are working with rechargable battery. Mechanical animal rides working with kids powered. Find the best ride on animal toys from the top animal scooter factory directly, contact!

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Eugene Mitchell
Looking to get a few of these rides, so I would like to know your price on them.
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