• 2017  Australia Animal Ride Exhibition
    2017 Australia Animal Ride Exhibition
    2017 Australia Exhibition.LuLu animal rides is the the first factory to produce animal rides in china market. The loved and cute designs and interesting car brings joy and happiness to both kids and parents. It can be put in malls, plazas, game centers, parties, kid's playgrounds, events, schools, and so on. Lots of our customers get benefits from fast and durable profits and expand the business quickly. Find the best ride on animal toys from the top animal scooter factory directly, contact!Small investment, shot period, quick effectiveness and fund repay40 Sqm area put 6-8pcs LULUanimal ridesOne trip $5 for 7 minutes20 trips per day per rides:$5*20=$1006 rides per day:$100*6=$6006 rides per month:$600*30days=$180006 rides per Year:$18000*12=$216000

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